Ball-Grid Array

circuit board assembly

Ball grid array (BGA) packages have numerous benefits previously unobtainable in a single packaging technology. BGAs provide higher pin counts in less area and a robust “ball” structure that integrates seamlessly into the manufacturing process. Smart Electronics utilizes a new Fuji IPIII for handling high accuracy and precision placement for any shape part to any package configuration of (BGA, Micro BGA, QFPs, GQFPs, etc.) or any shape part. Equipped with MTU (multi tray unit), we have the capability of loading up to 20 different trays simultaneously with placement accuracy of 0.025mm pitch.

Ball Grid Array Rework

As part of our cradle to grave services, Smart Electronics has full ball grid array and micro BGA rework capabilities utilizing an Air-Vac DRS24 BGA rework station. We have the capability to rework any type of BGA and micro BGA, and in some cases even perform re-balling on certain BGA configurations.