Build To Print

circuit board assembly

Smart Electronics is pleased to offer contract manufacturing or build-to-print services to our customers. The build-to-print industry is growing steadily as manufacturers increasingly look for more cost-effective approaches to in-house assembly.  We specialize in meeting the needs of our military and aerospace customers and have received high marks for collaborating with customers on processes, quality, and meeting or exceeding demanding schedules.

We can perform a wide variety of actions in our build-to-print services:

  • Precision manufacturing
  • Build to drawings and specifications
  • Review, update and correct documentation, so that the built product matches the documentation and is reproducible and maintainable in the future
  • Update assembly drawings, bills of material (BOMs) and software if additional test capability or obsolete equipment replacement is desired
  • Value engineering to further reduce product cost
  • Build with customer-procured parts or source our own

Our skilled production staff is trained to efficiently produce low or high volume production jobs and to respond to quick turnaround requirements while meeting cost objectives.