circuit board assembly

At Smart Electronics, we offer comprehensive in-circuit and functional testing services. We utilize our on-site staff and leading programming and fixturing houses to provide accurate and cost effective test solutions. Testing provides you the assurance you need that your products are working to specification.

Our comprehensive test services include:

comprehensive test services
  • Complete turnkey programming services
  • Custom test system design utilizing VXI/GPIB/PXI and data acquisition
  • Customer test system fabrication
  • Systems level test instrumentation integration
  • In-circuit test program development
  • Functional test program development
  • Rack and stack functional test design and program
  • Design for testability/accessibility analysis
  • Flying probe testing

Our in-circuit test services include:

In-Circuit Testing
  • Platform support for GenRad 227x, 228x
  • Modeling of non-library devices
  • Vectorless testing
  • Boundary scan testing
  • PLD testing
  • Cluster testing
  • Cost saving MDA approach available
  • Panel testing

Our functional test services include:

functional test services
  • Bench top
  • Rack mounted
  • In-house test development
  • National Instruments Labview
  • LabWindows/CVI/C/C++
  • Data acquisition
  • Instrument drivers
  • Fixturing and rack assembly
  • HiPot