Production Planning

circuit board assembly

At Smart Electronics, every project is assigned to a Program Manager who oversees the progress of our clients’ projects. They are also the focal point for communications and aim for total team commitment with their customers, delivering total satisfaction with the end result. Program Managers are essential to satisfy our goal of an error-free process. They are experienced and highly dedicated to ensuring a project’s success. Our Program Managers:

  • Ensure that assemblies are built to industry and customer specifications
  • Ensure seamless flow of production
  • Update customers with the status of assemblies
  • Contact customers so that they are always aware of the status of their products
  • Provide the best solutions to customer questions and concerns in a timely manner
  • Ensure that products are shipped on schedule
  • Establish an enduring and positive relationship with our customers

Our Program Managers use state-of-the-art computer software to assist in the assembly planning and process, in addition to our customers’ BOM and CAD data.  Circuitcam and Checkpoint are the two software programs used for all production planning to aid and improve the production and inspection process. Checkpoint imports our customer’s BOM’s and is integrated with Circuitcam to produce a detailed and colored drawing of the assemblies.

Our advanced software has many benefits:

  • The Checkpoint drawing is combined with our production planning to ensure seamless integration on the production floor
  • Checkpoint allows Program Managers to check for discrepancies on customer’s parts list (BOM) prior to production
  • Circuitcam is capable of integrating production planning with our SMT and AOI programming, functioning as a multi-task software
  • Color-coded drawings generated by Circuitcam are utilized in our production planning. This saves time and prevents mistakes during the pre-production, production, and inspection processes

To ensure proper use of the Checkpoint and Circuitcam software, the following are needed:

  • CAD data of assembly (For more information on types of CAD data, see
  • If no CAD data exists, Gerber data may be accepted as an alternate (RS-274D or RS-274X formats, RS-274D requires an aperture file). Both solder mask and silk screen layers are required. Gerber data takes longer to process using the Circuitcam software; therefore, it is much less desirable then CAD data.
  • An Excel-formatted BOM is desirable, but not necessary.