Prototype & Production

circuit board assembly

Smart Electronics specializes in seamlessly transitioning your product from the design and prototype stage right through to production. Our highly skilled staff of Sales and Project Managers will work one on one with our clients’ engineering department to improve documentation, drawings and design specs, and seamlessly bring your concepts to reality.

We understand that during the prototype stage, documentation is not perfect and engineering design changes and revisions are common. Our engineers and Project Managers are skilled and have solid processes for quickly updating and correcting product documentation.

During the prototype design stage, parts are also often consigned and provided in bulk packaging. For this we are fully equipped to assemble high-mix small volume runs fully by hand, including single & double sided boards, flex circuits, BGAs, fine pitch, mixed technologies, and SMT components with packages of 0402 and smaller.

At Smart Electronics, we strive to be our clients’ single source supplier and make the transition from concept to reality as seamless as possible.