Test Equipment

circuit board assembly

Smart Electronics has test equipment that enables the wide range of high-tech assembly and testing including box build, cable and harness assemblies, SMT, Thru-hole, BGA, μBGA , BGA Rework, X-ray Inspection, ICT, Functional Test, Thermal Screening (ESS) of CCA. Additionally, the facility has four automated surface mount lines that is capable of assemble more than 1,000,000 components.

Smart Electronics own the state-of-art FUJI equipment that does the placement of smallest SMD components (01005 and 0201 US Standard), Automated, Programmable BGA Rework Station, Real-time 3D X-ray Inspection, Electro-Mechanical Assemblies, Potting and Encapsulating, Heat Sink Bonding to PWB, Conformal Coating and Parylene Coating, Air Convection reflow ovens, Automated Optical Inspection (AOI), Automated, Programmable BGA Rework Station and GPIB, VXI, VME, PXI, RS232, Microcontroller based tester.