X-Ray Inspection

circuit board assembly

X-ray inspection is the only method of inspecting BGAs and micro BGAs after re-flow. With our state-of-the-art equipment, we can inspect for proper solder ability, proper placement and shorts. Our system can also archive and print all images for records and verification.

X-ray inspection systems display gray-scale images, which represent variances in the shape and thickness of an object. High-density features produce a darker image than those do with lesser density or thickness. Therefore, it is possible to quantitatively measure these features and develop correlation between acceptable or unacceptable manufacturing process conditions.

During an inspection, X-rays emitted from the source pass through the circuit board to an image intensifier. The images are then directed from the detector through a mirrored assembly to a video camera, where the digitized images are sent to an image processor for display, enhancement, and analysis. X-ray inspection can reveal a number of defects, whether hidden or visible, including open or shorted solder joints, lifted leads, component mis-registration, chip tombstoning, voiding, and unacceptable size variations in solder bumps (as in BGA components).

Our state-of-the-art X-ray inspection equipment includes NIS (Nicolet Imaging Systems) NXR-1410HR x-ray inspection machines and NIS VCP-40 Image Processors.